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Can the BPG assist with protecting my trade mark?

The remit of the BPG is to provide a forum for brand owners to come together to collectively influence positive change in the intellectual property enforcement environment in the GCC/Yemen region. As such, its remit is not to assist individual brand owners with protecting trademarks.

Individual brand owners wishing to register or enforce their trademarks should approach a reputable firm expert in the area for assistance.

How does the BPG operate?

The BPG brings together brand owners and service providers with a common interest in one organization. Voting brand owner members elect a board. Board members will then take responsibility for leading on various work streams, aimed at promoting Intellectual Property best practice in the region.

Some example work streams might include:

  • Member Relations
  • Partner Relations
  • Communication Publicity Awareness
  • Strategy and Development
  • GCC
  • Special Projects

What are the benefits of BPG membership?

Membership offers an opportunity to network and share experiences with other brand owners with common interests and also avails members the opportunity to be involved in lobbying, with the weight of a group of brand owners, for necessary changes in the intellectual property enforcement environment. BPG members will also have exclusive access to various training and other BPG organized events and information collected and made available to BPG members only.

What are the types and costs of BPG memberships?

Various levels of membership exists. Please see the following table which lists the types and costs of membership as well as the benefits of each.

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Can I have a say in the objectives of BPG?

Yes absolutely. Voting members may attend the annual strategy meeting. All members may attend general meetings and voice their views. Membership of individual clusters is strongly recommended and provides an opportunity to shape the objectives of such clusters.